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The results imply that uninsured patients do not receive the same care as the insured do even if they have the same needs
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”I love you’ or ”goodbye’) or preclude a peaceful death.” ” Kate
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The grocer opposite had a little daughter whose shadow drove me mad; but with Valeria's help I did find after all some legal outlets to my fantastic predicament
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has fit incredibly normal amongst consumers and claims to be the most puissant cure-all for the benefit
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abundantes “farmacias canadienses” falsas, que ofrecen medicamentos por unidades, que adjuntan
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To alleviate these symptoms, an individual addicted to heroin may choose to use again just to feel normal.
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and people over 70 years of age are advancing, with the Government’s timetable indicating this
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No one keeps the antidote for scorpion venom on hand
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In fact they do and have done just that (I think the book is called “Kill Duck Before Serving”).
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Justice League, Food Not Bombs, Freedom Archives, Global Women’s Strike, Homeless United for Friendship
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I’ll keep my genes out of the human gene pool if necessary, but I reserve the right to ‘pollute’ my own body